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Part of the Greater Western Sydney region, Constitution Hill is approximately 1.2 square kilometres in area. It is located 28 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD and is part of the local government area of the City of Parramatta. Originally, it was a locality within Wentworthville but was eventually promoted into a suburb by the Geographical Names Board of NSW on January 19, 2007.

From the hill itself, views of the beautiful Sydney city skyline are visible. Constitution Hill also overlooks the city of Parramatta. The Toongabbie Creek borders one side of the suburb.


Like most of the suburbs within the City of Parramatta, Constitution Hill is located in the traditional country of the Burramattagal clan of the Darug people. The clan occupied the upper portions of the Parramatta River for over 60,000 years before the arrival of Governor Phillip in 1788 with the First Fleet (of convicts from England).

With the arrival of the British colonial settlers, the land around Constitution Hill was transformed and designated as part of the government farm established in Toongabbie. Records show that the area was used for the cultivation of Maize crops.

In what became known as the Battle of Vinegar Hill, Constitution Hill served as an assembly point of mostly Irish rebels that staged the convict rebellion in Castle Hill in 1804. The spot provided an ideal vantage point in what is now the Caloola Road Reserve.

From Castle Hill, the convicts would travel through modern-day Old Windsor Road to gather in Constitution Hill. They caused some distraction at Castle Hill in order to supposedly stretch out government forces so they could attack the head of the colony set at that time in Parramatta.

Suspicious of a planned attack on Parramatta, the government officials kept most of their troops in Parramatta. They thought the convicts were at Toongabbie and proceeded to head west, only to be informed that the convicts were in Constitution Hill. When the forces arrived at Mount Dorothy, the summit of Constitution Hill, the troops found out that the convicts had not made it that far just yet and were further out west in Rouse Hill.

Historian Anne-Maree Whitaker writes in her entry for the Dictionary of Sydney:

“The crest of the hill, three and a half kilometres north-west of Parramatta across the Government Domain, provided a panoramic view, enabling the rebels to see anyone approaching with torches from Sydney or Parramatta. Equally, any fires on the hill were visible from a great distance. It was a spot well chosen to create an intimidating presence and ensure the rebels had early warning of any large-scale troop movements overnight. In addition, it dominated the road between Parramatta and Hawkesbury’.


From the latest 2016 census, Constitution Hill had a total of 3,966 residents. This is roughly a 7.0% decline compared to the previous census in 2011. Of that population, 61.0% were born in Australia. The other most common countries of birth were India with 3.9% of the population born there and China at 3.8%. 3.2% of the Constitution Hill residents were born in Lebanon. This mix of cultures makes the suburb a diverse and interesting one.

English is the most spoken language with 55.1% of people only speaking it at home. Other languages commonly spoken in the household included Arabic at 7.7%, Cantonese at 3.4%, and Mandarin at 3.2%. Catholicism was the dominant religion at 27.8%. No religion accounted for 19.9% and Anglican for 11.1%.

Slightly below the national median, Constitution Hill’s median weekly household income in 2016 was $1,443. It also had a young population with households mostly made up of couples with children.

Housing and Community

Constitution Hill is an established residential area that saw significant development in the post-war era.

Residents take pride in this nice and quiet suburb with well-maintained lawns and clean streets. Featuring a lot of greenery, Constitution Hill has a friendly neighborhood and a general sense of community. Most houses along Constitution Road have views of the beautiful Sydney CBD and Parramatta.

In terms of property value appreciation, Constitution Hill is ahead of many suburbs. Average median house prices generally rose, netting investors around 11.11% of capital gain. The median house price reached $920,000. However, houses and units are expected to stay on the market for approximately 41.5 days prior to being sold.

Meanwhile, renters can expect around $450 – $500 per week rent, with an annual rental yield of 2.7%.


Constitution Hill is home to Toongabbie East Public School, one of New South Wales’s smallest schools with only 53 students and 4 teaching staff in 2015.

Although it does not have a lot of notable schools within the suburb, Constitution Hill benefits from a lot of great schools in the surrounding area. Toongabbie Primary School has many students of different backgrounds to help promote cultural understanding and good ethics. Wentworthville Primary is another nearby school that also offers excellent education.

For high school, reputable schools like Parramatta High, Macarthur Girls High, Concord High, Strathfield South High, and Strathfield Girls High are great options that are easily accessible in the surrounding area.


Constitution Hill does not have a train station within walking distance. However, it makes up for this lack with the “T-Way” and “711” Bus Routes. You can take the T-Way bus every 15 minutes going to Westmead or Parramatta. Through it, you can reach the city within 50 minutes. Otherwise, you can also just drive up to Wentworthville station. Constitution Hill is also just a 10-minute drive to Parramatta.


Ideal for growing families, Constitution Hill features 6 parks covering around 1.1% of its total area where activities like running and biking can be enjoyed. The parks are also perfect to hold family picnics and walk pets in.

Apart from a small shopping center, the suburb also has a post office, a local library, a newsagency, a small medical center, and a chemist. Wentworthville or Toongabbie is a mere 5-minute drive away in case you need to visit other restaurants and groceries.

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