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Safety alert for gas water heater

as water heaters that have not been properly maintained diagram.JPGGas water heaters that have not been properly maintained have been responsible for deaths and serious injuries. If your property has a gas bath heater or flued instantaneous water heater in the bathroom, or a flueless water heater in the kitchen, it could be a source of danger.

The Australian Gas Association and the NSW office of Fair Trading recommend that all gas water heaters are serviced regularly by approved service agents and when replaced are installed externally to reduce the risk of accident. Landlords are obliged to ensure that fixed appliances are safe.

Always ensure:

  • An authorized gas service agent regularly services the water heater
  • The bathroom and kitchen heaters have unobstructed ventilation
  • Heater flue pipes are free from all restrictions and holes
  • There is no evidence of the heater creating soot deposits
  • Look for signs of discolouration on or around the heater and Flue
  • All new and replacement gas water heaters are installed externally to the building.

For further information call the gas retailer, or the Master Plumbers Association of NSW on toll free 1800 424 181, of the Office of Fair Trading on 13 32 20

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