Toongabbie Food Review – The Pizza Pasta Kitchen

Just off Cornelia Road, located near the local IGA, The Pizza Pasta Kitchen provides mouth-watering food with an explosion of flavour! That and the welcoming and friendly staff means you cannot go wrong dining here or getting delivery.

But wait, why is this one of the best pizza and pasta restaurants in all of Toongabbie and Seven Hills? Find out the verdict below!

The Pizza Pasta Kitchen front view

The Food

Toongabbie Plaza is a humble little shopping mall, so the gourmet pizzas The Pizza Pasta Kitchen offers really add an up-market feel to the whole place. You can tell that they are made with carefully considered ingredients and cooked to absolute perfection. None of those processed ingredients that we’re all, unfortunately, too used to.

The great-tasting food doesn’t stop there! I definitely recommend the ribs, they are delicious! The pizza subs, potato bake and salad are also amazing choices. It’s a loaded menu, with all you could want and more!

They even offer a fair few vegan lactose-free pizzas and pasta too, so there are diet options for everyone.

Now… for dessert. The beautifully made pure gelato is well worth the calories. If you’ve still got room, I recommend you try and fit it in.

I’ve barely even scratched the surface of all that’s on offer. After your first visit, you won’t be afraid to try out the rest of the menu. Chances are you may bump into someone from the Elders Toongabbie team as well.

pizza from The Pizza Pasta Kitchen Toongabbie

The Pizza Pasta Kitchen Staff

The food isn’t always everything. I’m sure many of us have had a bad experience with staff when ordering out. Thankfully, you’ll be happy to hear that the staff here are always friendly. They’ve never made a mistake on my orders, even when they are extra busy.

If you come across an older gentleman serving on the till, chances are you’ve come across the owner. His name is Raymond, a really friendly guy who inspires confidence in the whole restaurant!

Old toongabbie pasta

Final Thoughts

I love it when business owners put so much thought into building their business. Not only is the product good but The Pizza Pasta Kitchen does a great job at hiring and training local kids! To top it off they have just finished building a new alfresco dining area and on some special afternoons you can catch some live local music.

Seeing Raymond working in-house too rather than being an absentee owner – you can tell he is really passionate about the business!

Raymond, if you ever read this, thank you! Thank you for choosing Toongabbie and thank you for hiring so many good local kids. We need more business owners like you to help put Toonie on the map. The people in our community like you are what makes this a great place to live.

For those that read this and decide to treat themselves for the first time at The Pizza Pasta Kitchen be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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